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Precision Airwork is vastly experienced in civilian parachute displays, tandem and advanced free fall techniques our consultants can facilitate any non-military parachuting incidents carried out on private or military drop zones. Intimate knowledge of the British Parachute Association Operations Manual (BPA Op's Manual) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) In the United Kingdom

Case examples:

  • Injury caused by parachutist hitting public property and causing damage
  • Inadequate parachute training lead to the parachutist being injured - Military parachuting
  • Parachute display accident when a member of the public was injured
  • Tandem parachute jump lead to the passenger suffering a broken leg
  • Parachute collision resulting in serious injury

"If you have had a parachute related accident or third party claim we would be happy to assist your legal representative with our expert advice"

Non-military parachuting disciplines include:

  • BASE (Bridge, Antenna, Span, Earth)
  • Tandem Parachute Jumps
  • Accelerated Free Fall
  • Static Line
  • Private Parachute Displays
  • Recreational Skydiving

Our team hold current worldwide industry recognised parachuting qualifications and have extensive hands-on experience of drop zone safety, project management and technical parachuting skills.
Location - Currently based between the Middle East and United Kingdom
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